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In its earliest form, the German project Verney 1826 can be dated back to the year 1991. Influenced from the beginning by classical music, the gloomy tales of Mrs Shelley and the beauty of long forgotten times, Verney 1826 still follows its vision to create sad musical landscapes.The project uses stylistic elements from baroque, film score, gothic ambient, folk noir or haunting dark wave, while the lyrics go reflective ways. First being considered an experiment, the musical skills of friends and comrades like Schattenspiel, Bjarkan Ár Var Alda, The Victim’s Ball, Miyuki Day or Anna Aliena have become a constant factor in the songwriting process.

Welcome to the bleak hours of the night: Quiet, dark, fragile. As the years go by, the longing never fades. The ghost of Lionel Verney is still seeking. To restore some of the most sublime moments of literature, arts and history, to maintain the strength of the individual, to wander beyond the endless shores of void.